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In 1985, Kathy Lehne founded Sun Coast Resources, Inc. with the simple concept of purchasing premium petroleum products directly from world-class refiners and providing proven solutions from industry leaders. Her honesty, transparency and integrity have always driven innovation. Sun Coast has an illustrious history of being driven by challenges. Ever-perfecting and further refining our approach of providing value to our customers, we’ve grown into a major player in supplying high quality fuels, lubricants, chemicals, tanks, transport services and operational solutions to thousands of commercial enterprises, retail enterprises and government agencies. In a constantly changing and dynamic market, we’re proud to be one of the largest woman-owned businesses in Texas and one of the largest wholesale petroleum marketers in the nation. Sun Coast is currently licensed in over 40 states, with 18 offices and bulk plant facilities in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

An employee shared their experience in a review, "Favoritism amongst families and friends, dispatcher was finessing frac workers or you would have to stay home for 2 weeks before getting on the next frac site , drivers are giving the most unfair treatment so if you want to work here try to work inside the office , they'll blackball you when you leave on every job application that you reference them."


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Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Do not work for this company unless you like being micro managed . I was on call for 2 years straight. Going at all times of the night to reoair equipment which was killing me because I couldnt get enough rest and accused of things i never did. Dont work for this company because they dont care about you and your well being. Cons: Micro Managers and No concern about your complaints"

Fuel Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"Don’t apply at this company they will write you up with out giving you a verbal warning and they will fire you if you make a mistake in this company you can’t be human last they wrote someone up because he forgot to write up something"

Fuel Transport Driver (Former Employee) says

"Run! Don't even apply here. You will never overcome the favorites. The manager is a do nothing idiot. She sits at her desk and shops all day. Everyone in the office is related. The favorite drivers can do no wrong. The safety supervisor is an idiot who will literally smell your urine sample when he administers your drug screen."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"If you’re related to upper management or married to upper management or friends with upper management or in a “click” with upper will do well at SCRI !"

HR Payroll (Former Employee) says

"I worked in the HR dept, so much favoritism and if you report something to management about other coworkers harassment they won’t do anything. They change out employees every 3 months, nobody has JOB SECURITY. Cons: Management, Favortism"

Fuel Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"Run as far as you can. This job show favoritism, very cut throat back stabbing employer. They only hire their family and friends and fire all the good employees. Your job is on the line everyday! Lack of training but have the audacity to stand over you and constantly point out your mistakes. They offer no confidentiality. Disorganized, very political, management abuse their authority. Very high stressed. Hated this company with a passion. Cons: Lack of training, Favoritism"

Dispatcher/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely the worst place to work for. All management are snakes...they terminate good employers for no legitimate reason. Morale is very low and the stress level is very high. You feel like your job is on the line every day! Good employers are under appreciated. This company is for family and friends only. If you are not brown nosing or in their "little click" you will not advance but instead get fired for something bogus...only so they can get their friends or family members hired. They also lack training, you have to figure things out on your own but have the audacity to stand over you and constantly point out your mistakes. There is no confidentiality, whatever your complaint is about or if you are having problems...your business will spread like wild fire. I can go on and on about this company and even give names but I will let KARMA handle them. Absolutely nothing positive came from this company other than the pay was decent...and to be honest it may not have been worth it. I would take a pay cut any day then to work in this snake infested hostile environment! Cons: Favoritism, unappreciated, unethical, no training"

N/a (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend this company to anyone! Managers are incompetent. You wait a whole year for vacation. This company has done so many unethical things that I can’t even name them in this post. You will do the job of three people for half a person pay. We were only paid for one day during hurricane Harvey. Only the people who slept there overnight were paid. If you chose to be safe with your family you were frowned upon. All I’d say is if you are looking for career growth and value yourself this is not the place for you. Cons: Everything...literally everything"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"This company is absolutely the worst ever worked for . The terminal manager is a liar and a cheat as well as unexperienced . You will be gone for weeks at a time or home for weeks at a time . The company works against you every day . Cons: Everything"

Frack driver (Former Employee) says

"Worst co I ever worked for! Get ready for lies and treated like a dog they only give you 2 coveralls until your new ones come in a month later wish I hadn't waisted my time!!!! Cons: Bad manager"

Hazmat Tanker Driver (Former Employee) says

"Management is extremely disorganized and uncoordinated. Low pay. No benefits. Zero care for employee. You'll be used up and spit out for nothing. Why? It's not even worth the time. Cons: No benefits. Management/HR doesn't care about employees."

Billing (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for a little bit over 3 months. I tell you I was so excited at first. I thought this was a great opportunity to learn something new since most of my career was in the Medical Field. But let me tell you I wasnt going to say anthing about this place but it has been on my heart how they did me and what I have learned from working here. I cant speak for anyone else but this place was crazy to me. The first day I started I started training at 9am and by the next day I was placed at my own desk working. O it was so micro manged I have never seen anything like this in my life. I had no idea what I was doing my trainer was so busy when I did stop her and ask for help the first couple of times she was nice but after that she would get an attitude which made me feel uncomfortable asking her anything. Then when you made a mistake you had to send an email to everyone in the departments and you would ALWAYS get a rude response. They made you feel so low and bad for making a mistake. Also working there I feel like managment and team leads new nothing. I would ask both of them the same question and get two different answers. Things just confusing there and I started not like coming to work. Not to mention I felt harassed everyday. Everyday someone made a comment about how short I was to the point where I didnt even feel comfortable at my own job. Once I did find a new job I put my notice in at 10 am by 2 pm they was walking me out lol which was fine with me I felt a big relief. When the team lead walked me out she had a smile on her face saying " Have a nice life". All I can Cons: no training, bad managment"

Oilfield Service Operator (Former Employee) says

"Unless you are apart of the good ol boys club, don't look to prosper in this dump. Ive learned that if you decide to file a complaint on a manager, you will be fired."

billing clerk (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management never work in any dept esp not in billing dept alicia blackmon is the worst of the worst that exists shes never there to assist u not even the first day u start. Horrible company no training provided. If you do something wrong you are held accountable for it. Cons: strict with no training no opportunity to advance"

Frac Hand/Frac Helper (Former Employee) says

"Please ask in person. I would rather discuss this information with interested companies."

Mainstream Driver (OOT) says

"Don’t do it. Underpaid, expensive benefits, rushes you out of the yard or off the clock while doing a pre/post trip inspection. Most of the management is disrespectful and ready to fire you for anything. The GM is respectful, kind, and fair. Equipment is new and well maintained. No set schedule if you’re working away from home. Cons: Everything"

Prefer not to answer (Former Employee) says

"Job security and advancement"

Hazmat Driver (Current Employee) says

"If 2020 were a company it would be Sun Coast. Completely devoid of quality leadership. The only benefit is the pay. No bonuses. Scapegoat system. BAD! Cons: Nepotism. Favoritism. Mismanagement. No support. Bad equipment. No communication. Extreme hours."

Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"Dispatch Manager has no idea how to manage. The ultimate yes man and frequently flip flops on direction and process. Everyone is doing something different but all were given directions by him. We even tested him and 3 of us were given different instructions for the same task. He keeps the department in a state of chaos so he can come in and be the savior when management has an issue. You think they would have learned. Cons: Everything else is just bad."

Salesforce Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Management is mostly all related by blood, marriage, or drinking buddies. They are largely uneducated. The company itself is highly unstable financially. Lay offs were constant way before Covid."

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